17 Apr

Here at CoffeeByCj we offer some of the highest quality East African coffees you can find. Africa is known for its exceptional full-bodied coffees. With medium to dark roasts, sharp flavors, toasty aroma, and the unsurpassed freshness that can only be found at CoffeeByCj, each cup is sure to satisfy the coffee connisseur in everyone.

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Coffee http://www.coffeebycj.com/ethiopia-yirgacheffe-coffee-12lbb12.html 

Ethiopia Longberry Coffee http://www.coffeebycj.com/ethiopia-longberry-coffee-12lbb12.html 

Kenya AA Coffee http://www.coffeebycj.com/kenya-aa-coffee-12lbb12.html 

Organic Ethiopia Sidamo Fair-Trade Coffeehttp://www.coffeebycj.com/organic-ethiopia-sidamo-fairtrade-coffee-12lbb12.html 

Burundi AA Kirimiro Coffee 
Yemen ‘Arabian Mocca’ Coffee 

Guarantee that economic, social and environmental criteria were met in the production of your gourmet coffee by buying Fair Trade coffee from CoffeeByCj. FTC promises the farmers have been paid a fair price for their work and that the working conditions are safe and fair. FTC also works to develop the community where the coffee plantations are located by offering educational scholarships, organic certification and business development to the farmers and their families.

These farms are environmentally stable meaning there are no harmful chemicals used to protect the farmers health and the ecosystem for future generations. We offer a large variety of gourmet organic coffee and espresso available regular or decaf. Our coffee is fresh roasted, sealed and shipped the day you order.


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